2024 Marketing Trends as We See Them

We’re a team of marketing professionals, not fortune tellers, it’s true. With that being said though, we thought it might be fun as the year starts anew, to share some of the trends we’ve been tracking in terms of marketing and predict how we see things going in 2024.

We also predict that hibiscus flowers and platform flip-flops will go back in their 90s coffin, but that might be wishful thinking.

  1. Robots are here to stay – it’s no secret that AI exploded on pretty much all scenes in 2023, and shows no sign of slowing down in prevalence, especially as the technology behind it only grows more nuanced and knowledgeable (some might say too knowledgeable but they’ve seen too many horror movies). As the algorithms grow more advanced, so too will the analyses of user data, allowing for even more compelling and specific content, promotions, and recommendations,  thus enhancing overall customer experience even further: all this serves to make your clients feel singularly seen and heard. Did you make this just for them? (No but we won’t tell, nor will a good marketing strategy). 
  1. Augmented reality – Speaking of AI, AR is quickly becoming a mainstay in the overall consumer experience. This technology allows you to craft immersive and interactive shopping experiences while allowing consumers to visualize products in real-world settings, and helping to romanticize even the most mundane of shopping trips. Personalized AR content, such as customized messages or product recommendations, enhances that sense of individualized connection between the brand and the consumer.
  1. Sustainability is key – As more and more headlines fill the news about the dire state of the world, sustainability will only grow as a pillar of PR strategy (and you know, the right thing to do). We see entire companies not only founded upon a dream of sustainability but truly prospering as they do so. From Rothy’s to Everlane, to some of our very own clients like SSAB, Inc., we see time and again that people are ready to pay more if it means they can feel like their dollar has an environmental impact. 
  1. Generic to singular – the past few years we’ve seen a lot of emphasis on the company’s journey. People want to feel like there’s a story behind the sale, and that they have a personal connection with the boss behind the curtain. While this still rings true, now we’re seeing a shift into the customers themselves wanting to feel seen and thought of; known not only for what they need but who they are. How will this product augment their life? (that you should know the answer is inherent in your marketing strategy since they want to feel like you know them and thusly, know what they need and why). 
  1. To tradeshow or not to tradeshow – Our answer here is, it depends. If you have a physical product that benefits from being seen, held, or experienced, then yes tradeshows can have immense value. Even if your product is intangible, trade shows can be worth it for brand visibility and networking alone. You can also keep informed in terms of your competition, and maybe even generate some leads you wouldn’t otherwise have cultivated. All this to say, as AI and other factors change the game of “traditional” marketing, good old trade shows haven’t quite gone the way of the dodo just yet. But if you’re finding it hard to make room in your budget or you’re not finding any that align with showcasing your product well, you have alternatives to fall back on that might help you just as much, if not more.
  1. Lions and tigers and politics, oh. my. – as another election looms large it’s important to remember your audience. If you know that your customers are predominantly associated with a certain party then maybe going for it in terms of outright endorsement would be helpful. If, however, you’re not sure or you just don’t want to deal with any of that (valid) then making sure you’re crafting messages that resonate with diverse political perspectives becomes crucial to maintain brand relevance and appeal. It’s a hard line to tread but if you find a way to do it well, you can then make yourself a neutral harbor for all to find respite in a polarized world, and that right there is some good PR.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are some of the main trends and changes we see changing the marketing landscape. So now that you know, are you ready to change with it?

If not, remember that we are, and we’re here to help usher you into this new year full of new and exciting possibilities.