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At The Relish Jar, we strive to offer marketing strategies for today and tomorrow, with one goal in mind: make your business extraordinary! Out of the box ideas, group brainstorming, and client-focused decision making stay at the forefront of what we do. 

No day looks the same around our office, and that is thanks to our diverse client base. The marketing world is like a big umbrella, with several droplets into different buckets (i.e. industries…picking up what we’re throwing down?). Thanks to our dedicated team of marketers, designers, and developers, we have the ability to serve businesses in nearly every droplet under that umbrella, with over 30 years of combined experience in the business. 

Check out some of the services we are experts (and learners):


A quality brand is the face of your business. It is the “WOW” factor that will ultimately set you apart from the rest in your industry! When people look at your brand’s content, they should recognize it as YOURS. Similar to how when you see The Relish Jar’s content, you think “Wow, what a talented, hilarious, hard-working group of marketing professionals!” Right?

Brand Identity
Content Strategy & Copywriting
Graphic Design
Video & Animation

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing: the must-do that the world is still figuring out. Lucky for you, we have a staff that grew up alongside the internet and ~boom~ of digital marketing. So, we know the low-down on Instagram algorithms, SEO scores, and TikTok trends that can benefit your business strategy and put you on the digital map.

Advertising & Media Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Automation

User Experience

An underrated, but extremely necessary part of this big umbrella we mentioned before. User experience is rooted in understanding consumer behavior, technology, and a bit of psychology, all in one. Creating applications, websites, and programs that offer a well-rounded experience is what will really engage a potential customer. Users simply do not put up with websites with broken links, apps that have serious lag, or really anything that might be outdated in the slightest! Things move faster than ever in the digital age, and we have the tools and team members to make sure your business is up to date, and heck – even ahead of the game.

Web Design & Development
Web Application Development
Web Analytics
Website Audits
Mobile App Development
Custom Programming

Ready to add that extra relish your business is missing? Thankfully, we have plenty of it. Let's dive in and see how our team can get you started.

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