About Us.

Get to Know Your Team Extenders

Our dynamic-sometimes-salty team brings all our collective strengths and experience to you. We partner with you as an extension of your team to help you discover fresh opportunities, create and implement strategic campaigns, and ultimately accomplish your biggest goals. Making the “impossible” possible is our superpower.

Another superpower is collaboration. We don’t just pay lip service to working collaboratively. It’s fundamental to everything we do as a team and as your partner. Collaboration and communication result in the most impactful projects and a strong, long-term partnership.

One and done isn’t our style. We believe in creating lasting relationships as a partner in your success. Our goal is to make you happy at every turn and build trust as we invest in each other’s success over years — not over just a single project and a quick see ya later. We’re in it to win it, right by your side.

We’re people with a passion. We love what we do and the people we do it with. Lean on us to bring energy, positivity and smart solutions to every project.

How We Work Together

Our partnership launches from a foundation of respect, integrity and trust. We’re proud of our collaborative partnerships with our clients and vendors. Because we believe we’re better when we all work together.

With a nimble and adaptable style, we’re ready for anything. Our mantra? Yes, we can make that happen. Yes, it’s possible. And we do it with relish.

Faces of Inspiration

Emilie White

President / COO

Emilie brings her big-picture, strategic mind and her eagle eyes to every project. An authentic people person, she fosters strong relationships with clients built on mutual respect and trust. Her focus is on bringing value to every client.

What inspires Emilie: Resilient clients who overcome challenges and grow.

Ben Uzelac

Chief Technical Officer

Ben is the wizard of the web and a true unicorn. He channels his broad expertise in web, databases and apps to help clients maximize their digital impact. No challenge is too great for his skill set and his passion to find fresh, customized solutions for clients. For good measure, Ben also can program across platforms in nearly 20 different languages.

What inspires Ben: Showing you how you can do something, rather than how you can’t.

Kayla Tuley

Chief Marketing Officer

Kayla is a Swiss army knife with a creative flare that encompasses both graphic design and photography skills, in addition to her marketing mindset. Her experience in a variety of industries means she can relate to any client’s needs. An organized stickler, she keeps the team on track and on point.

What inspires Kayla: Knowing we can do it — and then doing it.

Travis Brown

Chief Business Development Officer

Travis is the data and marketing automation master. He is passionate about sharing his analytical expertise to recognize new opportunities for partners and clients. Drawing on his leadership experience as former executive director of The District in Quincy, Illinois, Travis was the driver behind a custom-designed software tool that helps Main Street organizations across the country better manage their data as they work to revitalize their communities.

What inspires Travis: Finding solutions for clients when no one else can.

Bill Beard

Senior Graphic Designer

An avid cartoonist, Bill is an expert in all aspects of graphic design including illustration and animation. He shares his vast knowledge and experience by teaching graphic design, in addition to making a living as our go-to pro. Bill keeps us a step ahead of trends and tools in the design world to ensure our clients’ visuals have maximum impact.

What inspires Bill: The challenge of communicating and creating unique experiences that help make a connection.