Consistency Across Social Media

You’ve heard it a million times before- “consistency is key.”

It’s true for that new fitness plan you’re attempting…again. And it’s true for your business and marketing. That’s why, even when you’re in a creative dry spell, you make sure to make it happen.

You craft that post, develop that new ad, or write that monthly blog. Because consistency is essential. It’s vital in terms of keeping in contact with not just your customers, but potential new leads as well.

These days, more and more people don’t just want whatever product or service you’re selling (you can thank Jeff Bezos and his minions for that). Chances are, people can find what you offer in at least one other space. But they can’t replicate the experience of working with or buying from you. 

Connection makes or breaks your business every day; that’s why consistent communication is so vital. Your customers want to feel like they know you, and like with every purchase or service rendered, they establish a relationship that- to a degree- transcends what used to be the “traditional” client/business relationship. 

We’re not advocating for less-than-stellar boundaries here, you should still walk the line that is personal yet still professional, but in an era where everything is pretty much available at the click of a button, the defining factor that sets your business apart is you. 

You might be sitting there thinking “Ok, Relish people, but I post on the reg and my audience is along for the ride in terms of my business journey. I post on multiple platforms on a consistent basis, so thanks for nothing.”

Number 1, congrats on the regular posting, that’s impressive; we can attest that following a content schedule without deviation is not for the faint of heart. But, and we really hope you’re ready for this “but” because when we considered it, it blew our minds:

How seamlessly integrated are all those platforms with each other?

So often, when we speak about consistency, all we’re really considering is the regularity with which we post. What we’re not thinking about is the literal digital footprint we leave with each post and how that footprint should be the same across all platforms.

For instance, we recently received an email from everybody’s favorite thing to have on in the background while showering, Youtube, telling us that for uniformity they were requesting users rename their accounts with a handle (i.e @therelishjar). 

 We (at least us elder millennials) learned about handles after the birth of Twitter, and the same format was soon adopted by Instagram. Granted, both platforms used handles a tad differently, but it’s a format that social media users are comfortable with and understand, so it makes sense that both social engines would want to utilize them.

So too does it make sense that now Youtube is jumping on the handle bandwagon. Not only does it immediately feel familiar to your audience, but instead of keeping track of multiple user names and accounts, now your audience is able to remember your name and find you with ease on whatever platform they want.

It might seem like a small detail, but consistency in the very modus operandi of your social media platforms goes a long way in curating a reliable and easy-to-use experience for your clients both present and future.

Also, we can be found across all accounts @therelishjar so there’s that.