Shopify’s Newest Marketing Tools That You Need to Know About

Email marketing’s value to businesses, large and small, is as strong as ever, if used effectively. Thankfully, platforms like Shopify are making email marketing more accessible with new marketing automation and customer segmentation features that could be a game changer for your business.

Customer Segmentation: Curating the Email

The new Shopify customer segmentation feature allows the shop owner to group their customers based on different behaviors, attributes and demographics, directly from the Customer menu. 

Whenever a customer is identified with certain criteria that was a previously saved segment, they will be directly added. Similarly if that customer no longer groups into that criteria, they will be removed from the segment automatically, allowing business owners to save time and encourage efficiency. 

Now, let’s talk about the data. Before the final push, the customer segmentation tool will create and share data on how your different segments compare to the rest of your contact base. The ability to see data such as the number of existing customers that belong to a certain segment, next to the percentage of existing customers the segment actually represents gives a general picture of the business value that some customers hold in order to drive campaigns in the right direction. 

Marketing Automation: Result-Driven Strategies 

Shopify’s new marketing automation features include customized marketing automations that are always on, so you can engage with your customers at every step of the way. The new features help to create a more profitable campaign strategy with emails that are pushed based on metrics such as purchase history, milestones, and other trackable actions made on your storefront. 

Shopify now includes templates built for essential campaigns with the scheduling and conditions prepped for launch.  Strategies such as welcome messages, end-of-purchase upsell emails, and win-back campaigns are available all within the Shopify admin. 

Annnnd Action!

Time to put it into action! Email campaigns function the best alongside the rest of your business operations, and these new Shopify automation and segmentation tools provide the ability to do so. Creating an impactful campaign has never been easier!