Let’s Create The Perfect Logo

Similarly to how we all rocked the dress shirt and sweatpants look over Zoom for two years, giving that initial impression that your brand has its stuff together does indeed matter! A logo is the ultimate first impression from business to consumer. It shows a potential customer the image that your business cares to portray to the world, and gives them the first opportunity to want to look for more information. 

Here at The Relish Jar, we highly believe that a logo is an essential part of your brand. Between websites, social media, business cards, the list goes on – there is nothing that a customer will look at without your logo being on it. So, we believe that a professional, quality logo will be able to properly represent your organization in a way that is timeless, classic, and versatile. 

So where do we start? 

Truly one of the hardest parts is just getting started. A logo should reflect the brand’s personality. Which, in order for us to do that, we need to recognize the brand’s mission, values, and overall what makes it unique. Once we have that nailed down, we can dive into the creative process of logo creation. Design choices should hold hands with the personality of the brand, creating something that is recognizable and complimentary to your business. 

Focus on the elements!

There are elements to designing a logo that fit together like pieces in a puzzle: font, color, and shape to name a few. 

Ever wonder why when you drive past a restaurant, you immediately start getting hungry? Or when you walk into a spa and wonder why the earthy tones and purple hues immediately relax you? Colors can play many roles in the creation of your logo. Understanding how psychology and consumer behavior intertwine with color decisions is vital. Certain colors can evoke different emotions and feelings from a consumer, swaying them to engage in different ways with your business subconsciously. 

As for font, you want to think about what is going to make your logo feel complete. There are 4 basic types of fonts you can work with: sans serif, serif, script, and display. Font can engage directly with how the shape, readability, and sizing of your logo turnout. 

So what is a good logo? 

The million dollar question! Which, not to toot our own horn, we think we know a thing or two about. A good logo is one that will create a distinct awareness of your brand amongst customers. Think about companies like Nike and Apple, when you see their logo, you know exactly who it is and what they are all about. Whether the emotions you feel towards it are positive or negative, what matters is that those emotions exist in the first place. 

It is also one that can be adjusted for necessary collateral, sizing, digital versus print, anything that you can think of where the logo may need to be used. Effectiveness, impact, and personality are going to create a logo that your business will grow into well. 

Are you looking to give your business the logo it deserves? Thankfully, look no further. Here at The Relish Jar, we offer logo design services that will reflect exactly what we talked about above – your business’ personality, its purpose, and its intended message to potential customers. Get in contact with our top tier design team today here.